Why Net Objectives should be your SAFe™ Provider

I believe all SAFe providers are excellent companies and will do a good job. While all of us are competent, we’re not all the same.  This page describes how Net Objectives is different, and possibly better suited to your needs.

Net Objectives has been at the forefront of Enterprise Agile for almost a decade.  We have developed our own proprietary method of transition we call the Lean-Agile Roadmap that has proven to be successful.  It has proven useful in providing insights into how to implement SAFe.  We want to do more than help a few companies ourselves.  We've been attempting to build a community that can help the industry achieve effective software development.  It's why we were early promoters of XP, Scrum and Lean.  Why we helped form the Lean Software and Systems Consortium (now the Lean Systems Society) and Lean Kanban University.

Net Objectives brings deep experience in the following areas:

Large Scale Agile Development Prior to SAFeTM. Net Objectives has assisted in some of the largest transitions to large scale Agile that have been done.  We have defined our own methods for large scale called the Lean-Agile Framework.  We know SAFe works because it achieves what we’ve learned must be achieved for successful Agile at scale.   We offer SAFe because its documentation and materials enables our clients to assist in its implementation as well if they’ve taken the SPC course.  Having alternatives to scaling enables us to tailor SAFe if that’s required.

Lean Software Development. Net Objectives has been a thought leader in Lean Software Development for almost a decade.  SAFe is based on Lean and understanding Lean enables one to implement SAFe more effectively. If your company is using Lean on the business side, we can help integrate SAFe with that initiative as well.

Kanban experience and thought leadership.  Virtually every company considering SAFe has a significant number of Kanban teams.  If they don’t, they should.  Although SAFe is based on Scrum teams at the bottom level, many groups are better suited to Kanban.  Kanban, however, must be modified to work well under SAFe.  Knowing both SAFe and Kanban can be very helpful.  In addition, an understanding of Kanban enables Scrum teams to improve their Scrum methods.

Technical Experience and Thought Leaderships. Net Objectives is a primary contributor to the software quality section of SAFe.  However, not all of our experience has been put into SAFe.  Two important skills that we can help companies with are breaking stories down and writing tests so they can be more easily maintained.   Our experience is reflected in the books we’ve written and the thought leading website we’re using to disseminate this knowledge: www.sustainabletdd.com

We have set up a SAFe Resources page which should be useful to you.

How Net Objectives Can Help You If You Are a Consultant

We are one of the few companies that offers services in all of the following areas:

  • business / executive level consulting
  • product and project management training and consulting
  • team training and coaching in Scrum, Kanban, Lean, eXtreme Programming
  • technical practices - design patterns, Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test-Driven Development

We want to work with you on supplementing your own offerings.  In particular, we can provide technical training that SAFe recommends, in a non-competitive manner.  This not only helps your clients but can provide you revenue and ensures your clients get a consistent message from all parties.  If you do not provide technical training, and don't pair with somebody that does, many of your accounts are likely to go looking for it on their own. It becomes a win-win-win if we can provide them with services they need while being a partner with you and providing a consistent method all around.  This is much better than if they look for technical services with organizations that then try to sell them services that are competitive to you and inconsistent with SAFe.

How Net Objectives Can Help You If You Are Implementing SAFeTM in Your Own Organization

If you are attempting to implement SAFe within your own organization, you probably can use some assistance in areas outside of your own area of expertise.  We also have a lot of experience in explaining to executives and management why Agile in general, and SAFe in particular, are useful. Our Lean-Agile Roadmap can also be used to supplement SAFe as needed for your organization.

In Summation

I hope you are as excited about the potential of SAFe for our industry as I am.  I'd be happy to talk about how we can help and work with you.  Please contact me at safe@netobjectives.com to see if I can be of any assistance, or even if you just want to let me know you share our vision.


Al Shalloway
CEO, Net Objectives