The Net Objectives Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches Doing SAFe®

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Course Overview

Extending the Coaching Academy for organizations doing SAFe®

Doing Scrum within SAFe adds a few responsibilities to the Scrum Master in addition to needing to understand how their teams work within the SAFe environment. This course is intended to add training in these new responsibilities Scrum Masters working in SAFe must have. Topics include:

  1. Introduction. The Scrum Master in the SAFe environment
    • Working as part of the program
    • Working with the Release Train Engineer
    • Working with other Scrum Teams
  2. The Scrum Master During the Program Increment
    • Guiding the team to plan for completion of releasable increments
    • Ensuring requests made are agreed to 
  3. The Scrum Master's Responsibilities During the Program Increment Planning Event
  4. Guide to helping Scrum Team Members understand the bigger picture SAFe creates
  5. What the Team Needs to Know About Scrum in SAFe

This course is intended to be done in conjunction with the Scrum Master Coaching Academy (SMCA) and is not offered on a standalone basis. The topics in this course are shorter than the ones in the SMCA since it is anticipated they will be covered in parallel with that course. Essentially this course offers readings and additional Q&A sessions for participants.  It is included in the Coaching Academy For Large Organizations that for the monthly cost of getting 3-4 Scrum Masters trained you can grow all of your Agile Team Coaches. 

Course Objectives: 

The curriculum is designed to provide supplement the Scrum Master Coaching Academy by adding additional information needed by Scrum Masters who are supporting teams within organizations that are doing SAFe.

The advantages of this being taught online include:

  • Learning takes place best over time
  • Coaches learn by working with their teams
  • The time of the coach is not lost during the training
  • No travel time/cost is required.

This also allows for the coaches to build their own coaching materials from templates that we provide.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

People taking the Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches who are supporting teams in organizations doing SAFe.

Participants are one of the following:

  • Agilists. Current Scrum Masters or practitioners who are not currently coaches and want to learn how to become Agile coaches.
  • Inexperienced Coaches. People who are providing some coaching support but lack much experience in coaching.
  • Experienced Coaches. People who are experienced coaches who want to learn the Net Objectives approach.

Any Certifications/PDUs

7 PDUs Category B

Maximum Number in Class

1 000 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)