Architecting in a Scaled Agile Framework® Environment

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This workshop introduces how architects can work in a SAFe® environment. The architectural roles in scaled Agile are explored. The workshop emphasizes the qualities of architecture and code that enhance Agile development.

Net Objectives has been doing Agile at scale since 2004. We have pioneered dozens of practices that have now become commonplace in the Agile community. Some of these have become integrated into the SAFe framework while others represent enhancements to the framework. .

The Net Objectives team has been providing thought leadership in eXtreme Programming, Design Patterns, TDD, ATDD, Emergent Design and more for over 15 years, including the publication of multiple award winning books.

Note: This workshop is neither authorized by Scaled Agile Inc., nor provides any certification related to SAFe.

Course Objectives: 
This two-day workshop provides an in-depth discourse into the Scaled Agile Framework's approach to Agile Architecture as well as the roles of the Enterprise and System Architect. It was designed specifically for SAFe by Net Objectives, the premier provider of technical Agile services.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 
This workshop is intended for both Enterprise and System Architects of organizations undertaking scaled Agile (SAFe and other frameworks).
Learning Objectives: 
In this workshop, you will understand Agile and Lean principles, become familiar with scaled Agile, distinguish the role of the architect in Lean-Agile and scaled Agile,. appreciate the need for testability, and review the quality attributes needed for Agile programs.
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Maximum Number in Class

24 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)
Room Setup and Equipment Needed
One computer per two students. Students usually sit at tables, four students per table. Flip chart and whiteboard for the instructor. A projector with screen.