Advanced Software Design

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Course Overview

This two-day course that continues the exploration of design patterns begun in the Design Patterns Thinking course. This course presents detailed case studies and additional patterns:

  • Visitor
  • Mediator
  • Builder
  • State
  • Composite
  • Observer
  • Command
Course Objectives: 

This course continues the exploration of design patterns thinking by exploring additional patterns and case studies. This course discusses patterns as forces, enabling them to be used even when the classic context for the pattern does not exist. It also continues with the principles of Commonality and Variability Analysis.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Developers, leads, and architects with experience in C++, C#, or Java

Secondary Audience: 
Any developer with a pre-existing experience in patterns
Learning Objectives: 

In this course, you will:

  • Learn seven patterns
  • Review and discuss case studies involving design patterns
  • Deepen your understanding of Commonality and Variability Analysis
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From our clients ...

  • "I learned more about designing with patterns in Alan's [Net Objectives'] two day course than in my previous six months of research." John Terrell, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

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Maximum Number in Class

24 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)