Effective Agile Requirements: Acceptance Test-Driven Development with Behavior-Driven Development

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Course Overview

This workshop equips the software triad (customer/Business stakeholder, developer, and tester) turn requirements into software-development specifications. They learn how to use Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) to create a non-controversial definition of done. It almost eliminates the chance of misunderstandings. By creating this agreement on the Definition of Done before starting the development and testing efforts, many of the dilemmas and resulting problems listed above are prevented outright.

Course Objectives: 

We use a training workshop to teach the fundamentals of ATDD using BDD and BBA, and then coach teams on applying it to their real-life requirements.

The workshop is spaced out over three modules, with the delivery timing of each module being flexible, limited only by availability and travel expenses.

Each of the three modules consists of a half-day of classroom training for everyone attending the workshop, followed by 1 to 1.5 hours of one-on-one coaching for each development team wherein they create actual agreed-upon specifications that will be developed in an upcoming development effort.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 
Members of the software development triad: Customer/Business stakeholder, developer, and tester Lean-Agile coaches Product Managers, Product Owners
Learning Objectives: 

This workshop combines training and coaching to equip the software development triad.

  • Pre-workshop: Half-day meeting with first level management and team-leads to become familiar with your organization and team’s needs.
  • Training: 1.5 days. Principles of Agile requirements;  ATDD, BDD, and BBA; Done criteria, estimation
  • Coaching: 3 hours for each team on a 1-on-1 basis spread over the length of the workshop. Putting principles learned into practice on their backlog.


Recommended Follow-On Coaching

  • Program and Team-level Processes Integration: We highly recommend rounding off this workshop with a day of coaching with your Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches on how to integrate ATDD, BDD, and the BBA process into your existing program and team-level processes, e.g. Sprint/Iteration Readiness, SAFe PI Planning Readiness
  • ATDD AutomationThis workshop can be followed up with one to two days of coaching to show you how to automate the testing of ATDD specifications.

Any Certifications/PDUs


Maximum Number in Class

75 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)
Room Setup and Equipment Needed

Students usually sit at group tables, 4-6 students per table.
Flip chart or whiteboard per table.
Flip chart and whiteboard for the instructor.
A projector with screen.