Acceptance Test-Driven Development for Trains/Teams Doing SAFe®

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Course Overview

This workshop includes what teams new to Scrum and SAFe need integrated with Acceptance Test-Driven Development.  If you just want Acceptance Test-Driven Development for your SAFe teams, you should take our Effective Agile Requirements: Acceptance Test-Driven Development with Behavior-Driven Development. True North Consortium Accreditation is provided since this course is not affiliated with Scaled Agile Inc. 

Based on a robust operating model

This course is based on Scrum/ATDD, which is an operating model that incorporates Scrum. This prepares people to adopt Scrum to their environment.  It is also useful for training SAFe® ARTs since it both accommodates large class sized and integrates Agile Product Management which SAFe for Teams does not cover to such a deep extent. If needed, the course can be taught using SAFe and/or customer-specific terminology. 

Supporting materials for new Scrum Teams

After training, you should not have to choose between going  it alone or paying for embedded coaches. By properly preparing you during the workshop and providing needed support materials many of the challenges faced by teams with standard Scrum training can be avoided.

Workshop attendees have access to a collection of templates, online videos, and discussion boards to ask questions of experts and the community.

Templates for Team Agility

All participants in this workshop are provided with six month free access to Net Objectives Premium Content. Here are some of the Team Aglity Templates provided.

  • Outcome-based Thinking Mindset
  • Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, Team DoR-DoD Template
  • The MBI Mindset
  • Team-Agility Scorecard
  • Components of a good Scrum/Kanban Board
  • How we agree to new practices
  • How to do a retrospection
  • Classes of service
  • Agreements to make with other teams and management
  • Ensuring what's being built can be delivered
  • Going  beyond "Scrum-but" (how to change practices that commonly get dropped by those new to Scrum)

Support videos

These short videos help improve common Scrum practices.

Any Certifications/PDUs

28 PDUs Category B

Maximum Number in Class

75 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)