Net Objectives provides services that address your context. 

We are experts in all of the main Lean-Agile methods at all levels. These include Lean, SAFe®, Kanban, Scrum, and technical agility. We help you identify and adapt the methods and frameworks that will meet your organization's dynamics so tht your transformation will succeed.

Agile transformation

Net Objectives has been helping companies achieve agility at scale for over a decade.

We are not a one size fits all consulting organization but pull from both our vast

experience in leading large scale transitions in the industry as well as popular

approaches such as the Scaled Agile Framework®.


We are contributors to SAFe and Bronze Partners. Our clients have enjoyed the most success with this approach: Working with your organization to conduct an assessment to see where you are, developing a transition road-map that will help lead to your desired results, and then working with you to achieve them.


FLEX (FLEX - FLow for Enterprise Transformation), will be of particular interest to organizations at small and mid-scale (40-1000), especially if you are considering SAFe. 


Creating a business agility adoption plan

Regardless of where you are in your adoption of Agile, Net Objectives can assist you in getting better. We take a three pronged approach of seeing where you are, enrolling your staff in seeing what opportunities for change are available and then working with them to create a roadmap for improvement.


Coaching from executives to the team

Lean-Agile is the integration of Lean-Thinking with Agile practices. It takes a systems thinking approach that can enable Agile methods to work effectively when multiple teams are involved. Net Objectives has thought leaders in SAFe®, Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming. We use these as tools to enable the creation of a cohesive system for our clients that incorporates the practices that most suit their needs. In addition to training, we provide consulting to both create a roadmap to for you while providing coaching to help you achieve it.

SAFe services

Net Objectives has been doing Agile at scale for over a decade. When SAFe first came out we became contributors and partners because we thought it would raise awareness of what was needed to do do Agile across an organization. While Essential (program-level) SAFe has been effective, we hve seen the levels above it get both more complicated and confusing with each release. Much of this has been do to SAFe’s pattern of using terms in a capricious and inconsistent manner while not attending to Flow-thinking.