Net Objectives Support for Centers of Excellence (COE)

Net Objectives Provides Support for Centers of Excellence in most of the areas required. See The Value of a Center of Excellence for more information on why a COE is useful and what it should provide.

How Net Objectives supports COEs

The following diagram shows both a representation of the value stream and the support Net Objectives provides a COE.

Net Objectives provides low-cost, highly leveragable materials for each of these in our University. In particular:

  • Leadership and management at all levelsFLow for Enterprise Transformation  (online, instructor supported workshop) describes how Lean-Agile can be used to transform organizations regardless of approach being taken. 
  • Product Managers. Agile Product Management's series of short videos provides a background in why incremental delivery of business value is so key. 
  • Educating teams in their workflow. The one day segment of Net Objectives' ground-breaking Scrum with Agile Requirements can be licensed and used to train scores of people in one day in the basics of Scrum and/or Kanban. 
  • Educating teams in Agile Requirements and ATDD. Net Objectives provides a "train-the-trainer" program where the entire Scrum with Agile Requirements course can be taught by a COE's own trainers.
  • Educating developers in the basics of writing quality code. Sustainable Software Development: Foundations of Sustainable Design is an online course that teaches the fundamental principles of software design. There are choices a developer can make that will make the software they write harder to maintain or extend and choices that will make it easier. This course helps developers make better choices for more longevity and flexibility in their code without introducing undue complexity.
  • Growing quality Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches. Growing quality team coaches is a critical component of sustainability. But the role should not be limited to just providing guidance in following a framework. Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches must create an environment within which teams can thrive. Net Objectives Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Online Workshop is designed to do just that. It is a 3-month, on-line program that has Scrum Masters work with their teams under the guidance of Net Objectives coaches to create an eco-system for their team. There is also an extension for those teams doing SAFe. See 
  • Scrum support system.  This system is designed for all Scrum practitioners and includes many extensions we’ve made to Scrum as described in Net Objectives Approach to Scrum. 

Why an investment in a true Train-the-Trainer program is worthwhile

While it may be tempting to have your own people take a 4-day certification course that allows for training in related topics, the quality of the training is not in the slide decks. It is in the people doing the training. Net Objectives' Train the trainer program has us truly educate people in the concepts and how to deliver our courses in a way that best suits your organization.

Learn more at the Train-the-Trainer In Team Agility program.

If you are interested in the Net Objectives program (either tailored around SAFe or using Lean-Agile methods) that provides you the support outlined above for your internal consultants/coaches please contact Mike Shalloway: