Scrum Master / Agile Team Coaches

Helping coaches help teams achieve sustainable agility 

The Team Agility Coach is responsible for shepherding the team, creating a trustful environment, facilitating team meetings, asking the difficult questions, removing impediments, making issues and problems visible, keeping the process moving forward, and socializing Lean-Agile within the greater organization. Many organizations call the facilitation aspects of this role the “Scrum Master.”

The Net Objectives Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches

The Scrum Master Coaching Academy is founded on the premise that FTEs within a company can be trained to be better coaches than external team-level coaches in a few months. For the price of one external coach for three months you can get three internal coaches. The reason for this is that your people already know your subject matter, your culture and how you all work together.  The Scrum Master Coaching Academy enables people with a good understanding of Scrum to become good Scrum Masters in 13 weeks.