SAFe® Webinars

This page describes the webinars we have available on SAFe. You will need to register to view most of these webinars:

A Day of SAFe® 3: Elaborating SAFe. Delivered 5/14/2015. See the Elaborating SAFe Supplemental notes. Topics include:

  • SAFe in an Hour
  • Driving from Business Value in SAFe, the Net Objectives Way
  • Net Objectives' RAPID Implementation of SAFe
  • An Introduction to Leanban
  • Using SAFe in Mid-Scale Organizations

A Day of SAFe®: Tailoring SAFe to Your Organization. Delivered 12/16/2014. Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Systems Thinking and Minimum Business Increments: The Need for SAFe
  • An Introduction to SAFe and Business Driven Software Development
  • Managing Shared Services in SAFe witn an Introduction to Kanban
  • Enhancing the SAFe Team-Level - Creating Teams and Having Common Methods
  • When to Use or Not Use SAFe and How to Select a SAFe Pilot Project

A Day of the Scaled Agile Framework. Provides a nice overview of SAFe. Delivered 12/09/2013. Topics include:

  • An Executive Overview of SAFe
  • What You Must Attend to Achieve Agile at Scale. And How SAFe Does
  • The SAFe Architectural Runway
  • SAFe Kanban
  • SAFe Q&A

Other webinars / Lightning Webinars

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