Team Agility: Scrum, Kanban, XP – The Essence of All Three | Value Stream Series Session 3

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There are several different ways of doing Agile at the team. This seminar presents the three most popular Agile methods. Each has its own strengths and scope. Each covers different amounts of the value stream. This webinar discusses the essence and differences of all three.


  • What is Scrum? The core roles, practices and artifacts.
  • Why Scrum works
  • Where Scrum is best used


  • What is Kanban? The guiding principles of visibility, explicit workflow, managing work-in-progress, measure flow, continual learning
  • Kanban as a transition method
  • Where Kanban is best used

eXtreme Programming

  • What is XP?
  • The essential technical skills.
  • Where XP is best used

While not an in-depth study of any of the methods, the webinar will illustrate why one must look at several factors when deciding on your team-Agile approach


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Past Webinar
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
1 hour

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