Enhancing and Extending Scrum With Lean | Value Stream Series Session 8

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This webinar discusses why Scrum must be enhanced and extended with Lean to work well on all but small projects. Many organizations have spun up several Scrum teams only to find that

  1. initial pilot teams do well, but moving Scrum throughout the organization becomes more challenging
  2. the progress of their Scrum teams tends to stagnate or even fall back
  3. the wins achieved often have little effect on the bottom line.

We have found that incorporating Lean into Scrum can both improve the teams' abilities as well as enable teams to work together better.

While Lean is more than a set of tools, several practices of Kanban, a subset of Lean practices, can be used by existing Scrum teams to overcome many challenges they have. Scrum is a framework for discovering problems quickly. Unfortunately, it provides few insights on its own to provide solutions for these problems. The thought process of product development flow, which underlies Lean-Kanban’s methods, can be readily incorporated into Scrum teams – achieving many of the results pure Kanban teams achieve. This talk discusses how theories and practices of Lean and Kanban can be used to extend Scrum at the team and product management levels.

Learning Objectives:

  • How explicit policies accelerate learning
  • How delays create additional work
  • How managing work in progress can lower delays
  • Why a positive relationship with management matters
  • How product management can lower the amount of dependency management required between teams
  • Why you can’t change culture but must change how things are managed
  • Using product managers and product owners to coordinate multiple business lines with multiple teams

Scrum is a great team process but needs to be enhanced to be truly effective. Learn how with our Implementing Scrum for Your Team.

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Past Webinar
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
1 hour

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