The Net Objectives Enterprise Agility Roadmap: Patterns of Successful Lean-Agile Adoption | Value Stream Series Session 6

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Net Objectives has been helping companies achieve enterprise Agility for over 7 years.  During this time we’ve observed these patterns of challenge.  But we’ve also observed patterns of success as well.  These patterns of success occur when certain principles are followed and certain practices manifested.  We describe these in what we call the Net Objectives Enterprise Agility Roadmap: Patterns of Successful Lean-Agile Adoption.  Our Lean-Agile at Scale and the Team: The Value Stream Series discusses our approach by going through different phases of the value stream.   

We have come across so many people considering Agile with the above concerns that we’ve decided to add this special session that focuses on both the reasons the classic Agile bottom-up approach won’t work along with a short overview of the Lean-Agile Roadmap.   This session covers:

  • Focus on realizing business value incrementally
  • Focus on sustainability of realizing business value
  • How the Scrum model is just a small piece of the enterprise puzzle
  • Why you must continually prioritize across the product backlog
  • How to manage dependencies across projects
  • Why and how to pull work into teams from shared backlog
  • Why the product owner role is insufficient at the enterprise, and what new role is required

There is some overlap with this talk and other talks in this series.  The intent of this webinar is to provide an overview of what it takes to manifest successful Enterprise Agility in one session.

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Past Webinar
Thursday, October 25, 2012
1 hour

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