Acceptance Test-Driven Development: A great place to start | Value Stream Series Session 7

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ATDD is more about understanding what needs to be developed than it is about the testing itself. Validation of software must begin with validating what is being built, not did we build it correctly. The most expensive way to validate what we think is needed is by writing production code. Improving the conversation between whoever represents the customer, the developers and testers is the most effective, fastest and lowest cost method available. ATDD is about improving the conversation between these parties early in the development cycle.

In our assisting companies to Lean-Agile methods, we have found that one of the first things companies should do is implement ATDD into their development methods, regardless of what they are. This is because ATDD represents more a change in timing of the work. Little, if any, additional work is required. Yet, much waste in the development process can be avoided. Hence. for teams that are already overwhelmed and are wondering how they can improve without adding additional burden to their development organizations in doing so, ATDD represents one of the best places to start.

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Friday, November 16, 2012
1 hour

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