Understanding Why Scrum Works | Scaling Scrum Session 5

This webinar is part of the Scaling Scrum to the Enterprise with Lean Software Development series.

This webinar discusses why Scrum works and how Lean's metaphor of Fast-Flexible-Flow can be used to modify standard Scrum practices as needed. Additionally, Scrum#'s enterprise view and Lean Management philosophy will be the basis for creating an Enterprise/Organization wide team to manage dependencies across teams without command and control. This webinar covers:

  • Why Scrum works
  • How Lean-Thinking can identify root cause of problems
  • How to use Lean-Thinking to eliminate delays
  • Breaking down the silos between development and Quality Assurance
  • How to coordinate multiple development teams so that they work together - going beyond Scrum-of-Scrums

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Past Webinar
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
1 hour

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