The Importance of Right-Sized Epics | TuningSAFe Session 2

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This might better be called, "How to achieve more value through the proper selection of the work to be done." One of the key practices of SAFe is a portfolio backlog that limits the number of items hitting the programs. SAFe focuses on sequencing these items based on “Weighted Shortest Job First” (WSJF) which accounts for the size of the work and its value. This encourages having smaller chunks of value in the backlog. Right-sizing epics that are being considered for the program backlog is a key practice of SAFe. This talk discusses why this is so important as well as how to break epics up into right-sized pieces. It presents these practices from a business perspective and illustrates how this perspective can help align the development part of the value stream when an epic cuts across multiple programs in a portfolio.

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Past Webinar
Monday, April 17, 2017
1 hour

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