Going Beyond SAFe Essentials - The Rationale of SAFe® | TuningSAFe Session 1

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This talk discusses what must be attended to in order to transform to Agile at scale successfully as well as how SAFe attends to these issues.  Agile at the team level is quite different from Agile at the program or higher levels.  Forming effective Agile teams solves a different set of problems than those required to have teams work together effectively.  This is why many companies who start with team-level Agile often do not achieve the results they were looking for.  Program and portfolio level issues require more than effective Agile teams. This talk addresses the four key issues of effective Agile adoption at scale:

  • A program backlog that contains the most valuable and right sized items to work on
  • Properly organized programs working in a cooperative fashion
  • High quality code that can be efficiently changed
  • The role of management 

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Past Webinar
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
1 hour

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