A True Lean-Kanban Implementation – Not Just Kaizen

This was presented virtually at the monthly Capital Kanban Meetup, hosted by ICF Interactive near Richmond, VA.

Kanban is an overloaded term having at least 4 significantly different meanings in the software world:

  1. Kanban as a signaling method to implement pull
  2. A Team or individual management method based on flow
  3. The Kanban Method – a transition method based on Kaizen
  4. Lean-Kanban – an holistic method of implementing a transition to Agile methods based on Lean principles
This webinar quickly reviews the first three to avoid confusion. It then goes into how Taiichi Ohno, creator of Lean, suggests implementing an improved value stream. This is remarkably similar to our (Net Objectives) own experience in doing organizational wide Agile for over a decade. It involves the following 4 step process:
  1. Perform some level of demand management to avoid overloading teams
  2. Create proper structures within which to work (in software this is best achieved by cross-functional teams)
  3. Improve the workflow as readily possible (in software this is likely test-first methods)
  4. Implement a Kanban system
This approach is then contrasted with the Kanban method which defers the first three steps – often to the detriment of the transition.

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Past Webinar
Monday, May 5, 2014
1 hour

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