Design Patterns in the Agile World | Tech Agility Session 2

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This webinar serves as both an introduction to design patterns as well as why they are important in the Agile world.

Patterns can be understood at three levels:

  • Patterns as solutions to recurring problems in a context
  • Patterns as a conceptual approach to solving particular problems
  • Patterns as a way of resolving forces in your problem domain

Most folks think of patterns as one of the first two types. However, the real power of patterns start when one considers them as a way to better understand one’s problem domain and then craft solutions geared toward the challenge to be solved.

This webinar discusses:

  • The thinking underneath design patterns
  • How they can be used to help understand one’s problem domain
  • How this approach is essential in in Agile development


  • The thought process of design patterns
  • Looking at 2 common patterns conceptually – Strategy, The Template Method
  • Patterns as a way of encapsulating variation

Attendees will:

  • understand the thought process behind design patterns
  • deepen their understanding of design patterns
  • see why patterns are so useful in in Agile development

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Past Webinar
Friday, October 4, 2013
1 hour

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