An Introduction to Sustainable Design

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Learning to be a good software developer is hard work. It takes persistent study over significant time. One of the most difficult-to-master disciplines is design.

A common problem for developers, especially early in their careers, is that they don’t know what to consider with respect to design. They often know they don’t know something, but they don’t know what questions to ask.

In their one-hour webinar An Introduction to Sustainable Software Design, Scott Bain and Max Guernsey seek to solve that exact problem. They will start by establishing sustainability as a major determinant of long-term success and that change-friendly code has a strong influence over the sustainability of a software product.

With the backdrop properly drawn, they will proceed to outline seven questions you can ask about your code to measure and optimize the degree to which your design is a help and not an hindrance.

At the end of the session, they will offer several possible next steps including further reading and a self-paced, hands-on course that drills more deeply into the subject. 


  1. Sustainability
    1. Software is often long-lived and dynamic
    2. The ability to change is critical
    3. Sustainability Metric: “At some point it stops getting harder”
  2. How Code Impacts Sustainability
    1. Show ripple effect from bad coupling
    2. Show failed hunt for all the places to make a change from redundancy
    3. Show flexibility created by a façade
  3. Sub-Metrics for Sustainable Code
    1. % changes that cascade to seemingly-unrelated areas
    2. % changes that impact surprising areas
    3. % seemingly-unrelated requirements that impact the same unit
    4. % changes that needed to be made in more than one place but one was missed
    5. % changes where you start looking in the wrong place
    6. % changes where you spend a lot of time attempting to understand the code before making a change
    7. % changes that were hard to verify or that went unverified
  4. Introducing Foundations of Sustainable Design
    1. Addresses code qualities & metrics
    2. Learn at your convenience
    3. Hands-on exercises
    4. Samples of reading, video, and quiz materials
    5. Demo exercise
  5. Q&A

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Past Webinar
Tuesday, January 30, 2018
30 minutes

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