Design Patterns In An Agile Environment | Scaling Scrum Session 2

This webinar is part of the Scaling Scrum to the Enterprise with Lean Software Development series.

This webinar breaks the myth that every iteration must be focused on customer value. No customer value is delivered until the release. While releases should be based on customer value, individual stories should be based on a combination of customer value, risk mitigation and business value. This webinar relates an actual project where quality coding techniques were used to manifest the Lean principles of optimize the whole, deliver fast, defer commitment, build quality in and create knowledge. This session covers:

  • Using encapsulation to defer commitment
  • The need for risk mitigation in picking stories
  • How to decide what stories to work on when focusing on customer value can't guide you

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Past Webinar
Saturday, July 26, 2008
1 hour

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