Using SAFe® in Small & Mid-Scale Organizations | Day of SAFe® 3 Session 5

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As good as SAFe is, it is intended for large scale organizations (trains of over 50 people). However, many organizations with program smaller than 50 are using SAFe, but in a cumbersome manner. This talk describes how smaller organizations can use SAFe effectively by tailoring key practices. In particular, these include Program Increment Planning, team organization and backlog management. This provides the value of SAFe’s all-in agreement while keeping it Agile and effective.


What is mid scale? To me, mid scale is 50 to 300. Large scale is beyond that. I realized we could do what I'm about to talk about to people for whom the whole organization is only 30 people. These were things we did years and years ago and a pre cursor to our large scale approach that now we manage with SAFe. It's the same idea of recognizing that there's any number of ways to solve a particular problem.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
1 hour

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