Scaling Agile with Multiple Teams | BMT Session 5

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There is no question that Scrum is a great process and it has helped many organizations. Unfortunately, many organizations adopting Scrum have had challenges getting it to scale. This webinar discusses what makes Scrum good and how you must extend it if you are going to get a Lean-Agile business process across more than a few of teams. You will learn why:

  • A team-centric approach is not enough for business-wide agility
  • Management must be included in an Agile process if you want it to work for more than individual teams
  • Four case studies will be presented that illustrate:
    • The importance of cross-functional teams
    • Distributing work across multiple-teams to improve collaboration
    • Dynamic Feature Teams
    • Matching multiple teams when multiple business stakeholders are present

The presentation assumes participants understand the concept of Minimum Marketable Features (MMFs). If you are not familiar with this term, it is advised, but not essential, for you to watch a 10-minute video called Minimum Marketable Features: The Why of Enterprise Agility (a segment from earlier Net Objectives' webinars).

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Past Webinar
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
1 hour

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