Lean Product Management | NOLA12 Session 11

Lean Product Management from Business Stakeholders to the Team

This webinar is a recording of one of Alan Shalloway's Sessions in the 2nd Annual Net Objectives Lean-Agile Conference

Notes for Net Objectives Lean-Agile Conference, Seattle 2012

This talk presents a structure for coordinating multiple business stakeholders across multiple development teams. It discusses the roles of the business stakeholder, product manager, product owner and teams in the flow of information from concept through consumption by the customer. The concepts are based on the principles of lean-product flow and have been successfully demonstrated at several large organizations. In addition, the session will discuss how coordinating the backlog of features provided to different teams can lower the amount of coordination required between the teams themselves.

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Past Webinar
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
1 hour

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