An Executive Overview of Lean-Agile | NOLA12 Session 5

This webinar is a recording of one of Alan Chedalawada's Sessions in the 2nd Annual Net Objectives Lean-Agile Conference
Notes for Net Objectives Lean-Agile Conference, Seattle 2012

This tutorial answers the questions many executives have about Agile. It discusses why incremental delivery of business value is critical. It shows how Agile, in conjunction with Lean Software Development can help them with issues most executives hold dear to their heart - improving time to market, increased visibility, predictability, quality and metrics. By taking a business approach, executives are shown how Agile is not just for teams, but is something that can make their job more effective as well.

  • The difference between scaling Agile (going from bottom up) to Agile at Scale (the enterprise can respond quickly)
  • Why Enterprise Agility and Team Agility are different things
  • Why building in stages increases profit, raises quality, lowers risk, increases market share.
  • What a Minimum Marketable Feature is
  • Why one must balance one’s portfolio between projects with different types of returns
  • Why improving visibility at the business, management and team levels is essential for successful Agile at the enterprise
  • Why Agile can improve one’s ability to predict the productivity of the organization
  • What are the metrics for success
  • How Scrum, XP and Lean have different scopes in the enterprise
  • Why more value is achieved by eliminating delays between work than in doing the work faster
  • Why it is important to get the right people to work on the right things at the right time
  • Why matrixed organizations are very unproductive
  • How to manage multiple teams with multiple projects
  • How to do Enterprise Release Planning by focusing on the release of the most important features
  • What checklist for going Agile one should follow
  • How to get a partner in going Agile and what to look for

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
1 hour

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