Net Objectives User Groups

Lean-Agile User Group on Yahoo

For discussing how to learn, apply and evangelize Lean-Agile Software Development and/or Scrum, TDD, TOC, Kanban, etc. within the context of Lean. Alan Shalloway of Net Objectives is the group moderator. Discussion on any related topic is encouraged. No spam is allowed.

Net Objectives Support Group (LinkedIn)

The purpose of this group is to create a community of practice of people interested in using and learning more about Net Objectives' Business Driven Software Development. BDSD works at the business, management and team levels. It incorporates many methods including Lean-Thinking, product portfolio management, Kanban, TDD, ATDD, design patterns and more. Open conversation is invited and all skill levels are welcome.However joining the group implies your desire to lean how to use Net Objectives' methods. Skepticism with a goal for learning is welcome. Argumentative conversations are not. People know the difference.

Note: Consultants and employees of competitors of Net Objectives should not request membership on this group. Your request to join certifies that you are not in this category and represents an agreement that if you switch jobs and become a competitor that you will drop out of the group.

Scaled Agile Framework Open Community of Practice

This is for anyone interested in learning more about SAFeTM.

SAFeTM Program Consultants

This user group is intended for SAFeTM Program Consultants to discuss SAFeTM.

Seattle Scaled Agile Framework Community

Al Shalloway often shows up at this local user group on SAFeTM.