Lean Software Development Comes of Age

Lean Software Development has deep roots. Lean jumped into the software world about a decade ago but has still mostly been considered an extension of the main body of Lean, which is rooted in manufacturing. This has presented challenges both in explaining what lean is (software development is not manufacturing or even physical product development) and in ignoring the differences software has to the physical world. The addition of Kanban as a team transition and management method has vastly expanded our set of principles and practices available to software development organizations (IT and product). This, along with our years of experience teaching and coaching with Lean, have had us come to the conclusion that it is better to have Lean Software stand on its own. Much like physics was created by Newton, it is not owned by Newton, Lean may have sprang up from Toyota, but now Toyota is merely an excellent example of it in the domain of cars. This presentation will discuss Lean as a combination os system and people dynamics organized around science, management and education.
Keynote at the Net Objectives Lean-Kanban Conference in Association with Lean-Kanban University
9:00am-10:15pm. Monday, August 8


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Friday, August 12, 2011

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