If You Are Considering Starting With Scrum

Many people equate Agile with Scrum. This was actually never true and is even less true now than ever before. There are many Agile methods available. These include eXtreme Programming, Kanban, Lean, Crystal and several others. Even the PMI has their own Agile methodology now. The first thing to understand in making a transition to Agile is what are some of the options available. Here are some articles/blogs you’ll find useful in doing this:

An Overview of Lean-Agile Methods. This article provides an overview of the more popular Lean-Agile methods of the last decade, including XP, Scrum, Kanban and Lean.

Where to Begin Your Transition to Lean-Agile. Too many organizations assume that the place to start their Agile transition is at the team. It often is not. This article discusses what to consider when starting a transition to Agile methods.

How Successful Pilots Often Actually Hurt an Organization . Just starting your Agile transition with a pilot project will often be successful. But just as often, it will lead you down a slippery slope which may make your Agile transition difficult to sustain. Pilots are almost always the way to go, but it is important to consider several issues when selecting them.

Using Lean-Agile to Provide the Real Value of ALM. This article discusses how to use Lean-Thinking to guide Agile transitions.

Demystifying Kanban. This article describes Kanban as a systems approach to software development that affects many different types of behaviors. It also mentions a few of the common misconceptions people have about Kanban in order to help clarify what Kanban is and is not.

Questions to Ask In Selecting a Trainer for Your ScrumMaster Training.

Bottom line - while Scrum is very often the right place to start, it is not always the right place to start.

If you want to learn more about our integrated approach to agile teams, check out our Lean-Agile Project Management course which teaches Scrum, Kanban and Lean.

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