Scaling Scrum

Scrum is a great team process. However, many companies have had troubles scaling scrum across an enterprise. Scaling Agile doesn't just mean having teams be Agile. It means having predictability and consistency of your practices across your value stream and the organization. It means incrementally delivering business value in a regular and predictable manner. This requires more than effective teams. Our experience has been that scaling Agile with Scrum (or other methods) is greatly facilitated through the use of Lean Software Development. Here are some resources that will help you (note that some require registration on the site to access them):


BDSD Session 1: Business Driven Software Development: An Overview Registered access required

Lean Online Session 1: Introduction to Lean Software Development Registered access required

Applying Lean Software Development Principles Throughout the Organization Registered access required


The Net Objectives' Approach to Extending Scrum to Create an Agile Enterprise.

Using Lean-Agile to Provide the Real Value of ALM. This article discusses how to use Lean-Thinking to guide Agile transitions.

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