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Net Objectives YouTube Channel Lightning Webinars are short (less than 15 minute) videos that are focused on specific topics of Lean, Agile, and Kanban for business-driven software development. Click on the links below to view the video of your choice. You can also visit the Net Objectives YouTube channel to see all of our videos and others that we like.


Lightning Talk at Agile 2013 - About to Introduce 3rd Generation Agile.   This talk introduces the concept of a new foundation for Lean-Agile Methods.

Refactoring to the Open-Closed Principle: The Essence of Emergent Design. What is the Open-Closed Principle and why is it foundational for improving both the quality of code and the quality of design?

Why Seeing the Value Stream Is So Important. As an organization looking to become agile, it is critical to see the whole value stream. Al Shalloway discusses the difference of organization structure and the value stream, the challenges when value is delayed, and the need for a higher view to scale to the enterprise.

Minimal-Marketable Features: The Why of Enterprise Agility. What it means for an enterprise to be agile: turning bringing ideas to business capability to meet business needs in a timely way.

Introducing Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD). Ken Pugh gives a quick introduction to Acceptance Test-Driven Development: How it helps communication between the business customers, developers, and testers. Covers the 5 W's: What are acceptance tests, who creates them, when they should be created, where they are used, and why you should use them.

Mapping a value stream to a Kanban board. The process of mapping a value stream to a Kanban board and why both are important in improving business-driven software development.

How Delays Cause Waste: A Main Tenet of Lean. Lean is not really about eliminating waste - it's about not creating it in the first place.

Release Planning in Seven Minutes: Pareto vs Parkinsons. How the big picture and focusing on what really matters overcomes challenges in release planning. Pareto wins over Parkinsons!

Successful Pilots Can Sometimes Harm Agile Organizations. Sometimes, successful Agile/Scrum pilots can do more harm than good. They can hurt the organization by siphoning off valuable resources and causing resistance. Successful transitions require you to treat each pilot as an opportunity to learn WHY the pilot succeeded, the factors involved, and whether it would work elsewhere.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012
15 minutes

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