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The Leanban Primer is a useful reference for teams who have had some basic training in agile practices (such as Scrum or kanban) and want to use agile in the context of Lean. It is designed to assist the transition to effective Lean-Agile practices that enable enterprise delivery of value to customers. While this is not a book on Lean practices, it is presented in a manner that is consistent with Lean-Thinking. Certainly, there is more to Lean-Agile than this. There is work in Business Discovery (portfolio management, planning, staging) and in later phases of Business Deployment (in release and support) as well as managing the value stream. We chose to focus on the team level to keep the guide at a reasonable and useful size.

The White Paper: An Introduction to Leanban gives a quick overview of Leanban: Its advantages, what it is, issues in implementation and getting started, roles and artifacts, and some Leanban practices.  If you prefer a recorded video, check out 3rd Generation Team Agile: Introducing Leanban.

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