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Net Objectives Portal

The Net Objectives Portal supports your efforts to transform to a Lean-Agile organization by describing Net Objectives’ approach to Lean-Agile transformation. Transformation requires shifting culture, organizational structure, activities, and mindsets. This requires an understanding of Lean-Agile methods as well as a community in which to continuously improve, essentially transformation through learning in a community. FLow for Enterprise Transformation (FLEX) is our operating model that we use to take advantage of all Agile frameworks and methods.

Net Objectives University

The Net Objectives University offers self-paced, online learning focused on processes and technical practices for Lean-Agile. Some courses are free and some offer free previews.

Sustainable TDD

The blog has a series of posts about doing Test-Driven Developing in a sustainable and sane way. The series will form the basis for a hoped-for book by Scott Bain.

Pattern Repository

The Pattern Repository is a collaborative wiki for sharing and discussing design patterns including suggesting new patterns and new ways of implementing existing ones.  The repository is open to all, and if you’d like to be an editor there just request an account from Scott Bain.

Articles and Papers

The Net Objectives Portal provides access to a helpful set of readings, papers, and documents to help you in Lean-Agile including a glossary of terms, online books, and white papers. Here are some important articles.

Business Case for Agility

The five most important reasons for going Agile and how it is that understanding the whys of Agile helps you with this transition. This article also discovers our breakthrough approach to managing requirements which we call the Minimum Business Increment (MBI). (Al Shalloway. 11/2016) Download the article (PDF).

Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps between Plans, Actions, and Results

We highly recommend The Art of Action by Stephen Bungay for executives, management, and leadership who are responsible for transitioning their enterprises with Lean and Agile. We have created an authorized summary of the essential concepts from each chapter of this important book. Download the article (PDF).



Net Objectives has partnered with Targetprocess to provide a complete solution for a company’s transition to Lean-Agile. Together we provide tailored solutions to your needs that can be based on SAFe or Lean-Agile principles.


The key to our offerings is binding the deep understanding of Lean-Agile principles with the ability of Targetprocess to create visibility of both workflow and artifacts.  While frameworks are useful, directly understanding how to do Lean-Agile is more important. Net Objective’s FLEX operating model, combined with Targetprocess enables companies focus on their real work – identifying concepts of value, implementing them with high quality and having customers realize value quickly.


While many Lean practices require a great deal of experience, when combined with the proper reports and guidance they can be readily adopted.