Lean-Agile Pocket Guide for Scrum Teams, 2nd Edition Online

Lean-Agile Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition Online The Lean-Agile Pocket Guide for Scrum Teams, Second Edition Online is a useful reference for Scrum teams who have had some basic training and want to use Scrum in the context of Lean. Topics include the essential competencies of Scrum, how to get started, how Lean and Scrum relate, the roles of Scrum, planning and analysis and estimation, iterations, quality and testing, and communication. This pocket guide offers a complete set of checklists for Scrum teams and resources teams need to succeed. This pocket guide is designed to assist the transition to effective Scrum practices that enable enterprise delivery of value to customers. All of the material in this book are consistent with Lean thinking and Scrum practices.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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