Mid-Scale Lean-Agile Software Development

Mid-Scale Lean-Agile Software Development is designed to help organizations with development groups of 25-300 people.  While many people are using SAFe in this situation, the lighter-weight methods described here are more effective as well as more efficient and easier to adopt. 


Section I: The Business Case for Agility

  • Delivering in Stages
  • Why Product Portfolio Management Must be Across Products
  • Incremental Discovery of Value

Section II: The Value Stream

Section III: Enterprise Agility

Section IV: Team Organization for Enterprise Agility

Section V: Beginning Your Agile Transition

  • Where to Start Your Agile Transition
  • When to use Scrum, When to Use Kanban, When to use Something Else


  • Lean In a Nutshell
  • Quick start Kanban
  • Why Estimates Are So Bad and What to do About It
  • The principles, values and practices of Lean-Kanban
  • Creating a Kanban Board From a Value Stream Map
  • Using Kanban Boards as Alternatives to Value Stream Mapping

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