Reporting Webinar PDUs

PDU Reporting Information

The PMI has improved its process for categorizing PDU credits. The webinars that Net Objectives delivers fall in the Online / Digital Media section in the Education category. 
The courses and seminars that Net Objectives delivers fall in the Course or Training section in the Education category and the procedure varies a little.

To claim the credit, you will need to fill in the webinar information.

About Claiming a Credit

You can find details at the PMI site's User Guide. It contains screenshots. In the main window, click Report PDUs General Tips to get help. Here is what to do:

  1. Click Report PDUs on the left navigation
  2. Click Online or Digital Media under Education
  3. Provider field: type Net Objectives into the field
  4. Title field: type in the name of the webinar
  5. Complete the remaining fields in the form with details about the webinar
  6. For the talent Triangle, enter PDU values under the Technical skill area for each certification to which this activity applies (if you hold multiple certifications). Manually enter PDU values for Leadership and Strategic skill areas - these PDUs will automatically be shared across certifications (if you hold multiple certifications). The Process webinars in our webinar series earn 1 PDU in the closest matching category: Technical, Leadership, or Strategic.
  7. Click on the box to Agree the claim is accurate.
  8. Click Submit

Use the details below in submitting a claim.

Fill out the Satisfaction Survey with your personal impressions.

Form Fields Values Guidance

* required
*Provider Net Objectives
*Title [Title of Webinar]
*Description [Short description of Webinar from event page]
URL [URL of event page]
*Date Started [Date of Webinar]
*Date Completed [Date of Webinar]