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I've been writing quite a few posts on LinkedIn as well as putting them on our Net Objectives Thoughts blog roll. Most have audio now that you can also get on iTunes so you can listen to them if you prefer.

I'm encouraged by the increase in people looking at test first. Here are a few posts I've written on this:

Why TDD is more about design, emergence & sustainability than Testing LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Test Driven Development (TDD): The 1st Leg of Emergent Design LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Design Patterns: The Second Leg of Emergent Design LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
The Third Leg of Emergent Design: Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)    LinkedIn | Blog & Audio

Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban online/on-the-job workshop led by me has just started

The industry's current approaches to growing effective team coaches is ineffective, inefficient and very expensive. A traditional two-day Advanced Scrum Master workshop will not significantly improve a Scrum Master - little is retained in intensive 2-day workshops. Scrum Masters and Kanban coaches need on-the-job training. If you have the funds to bring in a coach to work with your coaches, that's great. But it's also very expensive. We've designed the Advanced Scrum Master/Kanban workshop to grow Agile team coaches by actually working with their team over a three month period. It uses advanced training methods, in particular, a flipped classroom format, where participants learn concepts and then apply them to their team. I provide backup and answer questions as needed. This approach is much more effective while being less costly to present. Participants get several times the content of a 2-day course at less than half the price.

Design Patterns Public Course in Seattle

We're in the process of scheduling our next public offering of our Design Patterns Thinking course in Seattle. If you are interested in attending this course yourself or in sending a group of folks to it, contact Mike Shalloway. We're still finalizing the exact dates and location, but those should be settled shortly. This course addresses key questions in modern development such as how to design systems that have changeability as a fundamental quality and how the team can communicate effectively when a design is in a constant state of change, and is essential for technical members of a development team.

I've been pretty busy on my book and other posts. Thought I'd just list them here. If you find these interesting, please subscribe to my feed on our blogs or follow me on LinkedIn.

An Open Letter to Participants When We Go In To Train LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Agile Developer Habits 101 – How Will I Know I’ve Done That LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Agile Developer Habits 101 – Focus on Finishing to Manage Work in Process LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
We Need Distruption in Agile Training and Coaching LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
INVEST is a goal, not a guide LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
The Insidious Side of Scrum and How I’d Fix It (and yes, I know it wouldn’t be Scrum anymore)   LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Shift Your View To What's Important LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Using Lean to Focus on Your Work LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Using a Flow Model to Guide a Transformation LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
How Frameworks Help Us and Hurt Us LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Two approaches to training - you get to decide which you want LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
A metaphor for team agility – GPS systems LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Yes, I'm Frustrated LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Three ways to get trained in Scrum LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Using Cost of Delay to Improve Scrum LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Common Errors Understanding Cost of Delay Avoids for New Scrum Teams LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
The Next Generation of Business Value Realization LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
Improve Your Scrum By Using Flow Thinking LinkedIn | Blog & Audio
The Effective Organization of the Future LinkedIn | Blog & Audio

As always, happy to chat.

Al Shalloway 

CEO, Net Objectives
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

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