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 Having just come from the SAFe Summit, I see three challenges many mid to large scale companies are having:

  • bad Agile at the team
  • no economical way to get Scrum Masters up to speed
  • how to find a mid-scale solution

This newsletter deals with all of these. If you are having any of these challenges, I invite you for a free consultation to provide some not quite standard approaches that we've found to be very effective. 

Team Level Training

We know there is a lot of bad Agile out there. Much of the Agile training people have gotten is based on the assumption that if you provide a framework (such as Scrum) to do Agile in, people will figure out what to do. Scrum is a good framework but, as proponents suggest, it’s not sufficient by itself. However, we believe that starting with just Scrum and then later filling it in, as usually proposed, is not nearly as effective as providing the critical Agile practices that people need along with Scrum. In this just published paper The Essential Aspects for Effective Training of New Scrum Teams. 

I explore why proper training that includes actual Agile work (Scrum is a framework to achieve Agile, it is not Agile itself) provides the skills people need, in about the same time as Scrum-only training takes and for less cost.

Scaled Learning

If you are in a company that has dozens or hundreds of Scrum Masters that need to grow into effective Scrum Masters, we have a program that can be funded for less than the cost of one Agile coach. Contact me to learn how a blended approach of on-site coaches and scaled learning can be more effective while being less costly.

Using SAFe (or just Lean-Agile Principles) at the mid-scale

SAFe has some good concepts in it that are useful for mid-scale companies. These include the planning event and the roles of the RTE and product manager. However, SAFe’s product management model is overly complicated for mid-size companies. We are continuing to write up our FLEX model, but if you are interested in learning more now, please contact me. 

Public Courses in Los Angeles and/or San Diego

I'm considering putting on one or more of the following courses in southern California:
  • Design Patterns Thinking
  • Agile at Mid-Scale With or Without SAFe
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development

If you think you might be interested in any of them, can you let me know which (no obligation) and where it would need to be for you to attend?

Upcoming Webinar

From Requirements to Procurement – How to Select an Agile Work Management Platform
Wednesday October 17, 9am PST

I’ll be co-presenting with Greg Johnson, an independent consultant, on a tool neutral presentation hosted by Targetprocess. This is designed to show you an effective method with examples of what to consider when adopting a tool at mid or large scale.

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