Make Working For and Your People More Attractive

How to Affordably Attract New People While Making Them More Effective and Attractive

By "attractive" we don't mean "better looking" we mean demonstrating that they have more professional skills than people on average.  Net Objectives has developed self-paced, online, learning for virtually all roles. All are supported to varying degrees by top-tier consultants and trainers. Our most extensive offerings are around developers and Scrum Masters (team coaches). 

Consider how your potential recruits would react to learning opportunities provided at no cost that they could take advantage of without losing any of their billable time or take away from their time if they are FTEs.  Consider the following offerings to support the two most in demand roles - developers and Scrum Masters.

Support Provided for Developers

Many developers coming out of school now have programmed in an object oriented language, but not having learned the basics of true object-orientation. We've created a course designed explicitly for them - Foundations of Sustainable Design.  This is the equivalent of a 3-4 day technical agile skills course with significant hands on development.  While self-paced and online, top instructors are available to answewr questions people have.  In addition, we offer reading paths for the developer role

Support Provided for Scrum Masters

While the demand for Scrum Masters is increasing, the difficulty in finding good ones is also increasing. One reason for this is that the current standard of certification via 2-3 days of training is not very well correlated with true ability. Net Objectives has created the Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches that provides experience to Scrum Masters by training them how to support their teams in an on-the-job, self-paced manner.  The focus is not on Scrum, but rather how to use Scrum to support their teams. Learn more about the philosophy and content of the academy here.  

How We Can Work With You

We work with recruiters and staffing companies by providing organization wide licenses at a lower cost than individuals would be able to obtain. You have the choice of merely providing this lower cost or providing it to everyone at no charge to them. Having all of your people take the appropriate workshops means you will raise the bar that your staff meets. That not only makes you attractive to the people you are trying to recruit, but to the companies you are recruiting for. Quality always pays back.