Lean-Agile at Scale

Effective, affordable training for organizations at scale


Net Objectives offers our own approach to Lean-Agile at Scale - FLEX - FLow for Enterprise Transformation. FLEX's roots go back 10+ years and has been our primary vehicle for client transformations. While we are partners with SAFe, we've always used FLEX in the background. The value of both is that our first SAFe implementation at Northwestern Mutual, which was heavily influenced by FLEX, is a SAFe case study


This workshop presents FLEX and how it can be used to help transform an organization from executives to Ops. It is intended for transition agents who either want to learn about FLEX or want to use it for a client or their own company. Participants learn FLEX by walking the creation of a two-day Implementing FLEX workshop tailored for their organization. 

Adopting FLEX Workshop

SPCs who are guiding one or more groups in adopting SAFe face many challenges including how to start, where to start, and where there are points of flexibility. This online workshop exposes SPCs to FLEX, an approach that is designed around the value stream and always provides an holistic solution. At the end of this online workshop, SPCs will have a good understanding of an approach to adoption that is simple and can expand as the company or adoption grows.

FLEX for SAFe® Scaled Learning Workshop