Lean-Agile Cross-Team Collaboration

Thie book is part of the Net Objectives Essentials Book series describing our Lean-Agile Roadmap.

This book is particularly designed for helping organziations achieve cross-team collaboration of Agile teams.  Software development itself is not as complex as many would have you believe.  While it is true getting organizations to become effective is very challenging, we would claim that is more of an organizational development challenge than a software development challenge (see Alan Shalloway's blog - People Are Complex, Software Development Isn't).  To achieve cross-team collaboration with Agile methods, several things are required:

  1. an holistic view
  2. an appreciation for systems thinking
  3. an understanding of Lean-Flow
  4. an understanding of organizational development

These are chapters from Section IV of our upcoming book Mid-Scale Lean-Agile Software Development

Section IV: Team Organization for Enterprise Agility


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