Going Beyond Practices to Achieve Objectives

This page contains a set of resources on how to go beyond set practices of common framework and to achieve their objectives in a way that better fits the situation at hand. Initially this is a series of blogs that will later be converted into a more cohesive white paper.

Values, Practices and Principles Are Not Enough. This blog provides the background for this series.

The Objective of Time-Boxing. Time-boxing is one way to achieve Agility, but there are other methods.  It is important to understand the objective of time-boxing so one does not abandon iterations just because they may be difficult.  

Some Laws of Software Development.  I provide a partial list of laws in knowledge work and software development to illustrate that cause and effect can occur even in complex adaptive systems.

Related Blogs

The Question Isn’t” Scrum Vs Kanban?” or Even “Scrum and Kanban?” But Rather “What Works?". This blog takes this thought process one level further and looks to see how one can make a team-agility approach that works for their situation.

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Blending Kanban and Scrum or What to do When Neither Kanban or Scrum is Optimal

Let's Learn to Do Our Jobs Bettern, Not a Framework/Method. A better way to think about learning than Shu Shu Ha Ri is presented. 

Why Shu Ha Ri and Scrum Can Make for a Dangerous Combination Continues the discussion that we can't just blindly follow the rules but have to think about what we're trying to accomplish.