Get a consultant to advise you on one of your company's most imporantant decisions

It's funny, we don't think twice about using a realtor for buying a house, or an interior decorator to help us fix it up, or even a travel agent to get us good deals, or financial managers to help us with our investments, or insurance agents to help us get the right insurance, and on and on. But when it comes time to making a decision about what approach to take for our Agile transition and who to use to implement it, we don't think twice about going it alone, even when no one on the group that's making the decision has much experience in doing this.

Net Objectives is now offering a consulting service to help you with deciding what the right approach is for companies, how to make an RFP and who to select to implement it. When providing this service we don't submit a solution ourselves as that would bias our advice. With our 20+ years of Lean-Agile experience, and our being front-runners in most popular methods, we provide you with guidance that will vastly reduce the risk of making an uniformed decision. Wouldn't it be great to have on your Agile transformation team someone who knows the ins and outs of Agile and can give you candid, unbiased advice in how to best do it?  Well, now you can. 

Contact Al Shalloway if you are interested in this service.