Fundamentals of Lean-Agile Software Development

This online book presents information in different formats and detail to enable the reader to chose both the media and the depth of coverage that they want.

Introduction to Lean-Agile Methods

The Business Case for Agility

Lean-Agile Release Planning

  • Quick (lightning webinar): Pareto vs Parkinson's. How the big picture and focusing on what really matters overcomes challenges in release planning. Pareto wins over Parkinson's!

Shifting our View from Utilization to Throughput

The Value Stream

Starting Your Lean-Agile Transition

  • Where to Begin Your Transition to Lean-Agile. 12/09. Too many organizations assume that the place to start their Agile transition is at the team. It often is not. This article discusses what to consider when starting a transition to Agile methods.
  • How Successful Pilots Often Actually Hurt an Organization (blog) Spinning up Scrum teams in a large organization is not difficult.  Getting past a few pilots can be. Starting pilots without the big picture in mind can actually make it harder for the follow up pilots to succeed.
  • Successful Pilots Can Sometimes Harm Agile Organizations. (lightning webinar)  Sometimes, successful Agile/Scrum pilots can do more harm than good. They can hurt the organization by siphoning off valuable resources and causing resistance. Successful transitions require you to treat each pilot as an opportunity to learn WHY the pilot succeeded, the factors involved, and whether it would work elsewhere.
  • Understand What Your Challenge Is and Where You Want to Go. This is one of our best interviews. It discusses a lot about how to start Agile as well as why Kanban is often more useful than Scrum in doing so. Most important, it's a very pragmatic, experienced based, discussion.

Training to Get You Started

We have the most extensive Lean-Agile offerings of any company covering all roles from C-level to ops and all domains of Lean-Agile: Lean, Kanban, Scrum, technical-agile, organizational development and more.   Some courses that may be of particular interest are:


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