The Common Threads of SAFe, Nexus and LeSS Adoption – And what they all leave out

Although SAFe and LeSS/NexUs may be at opposite ends of the Agile spectrum, they have some of the same objectives.

These include:

  • Having several teams work together in a cohesive manner
  • Having a voice of the customer for the teams to be guided by
  • Using Scrum as their foundation at the team level
  • Attempting to provide simple starting points when full implementation is not needed
  • Providing a pre-defined method that can be applied anywhere at scale (this is an objective not achieved by any)

Each of these takes a different approach, with SAFe creating an overall view from the top and requiring large increment planning events while LeSS/Nexus works from the bottom up via a more organic coordination of teams

While all have value in certain situations, each tends to stagnate after initial success when achieved. The reason for this is that all of them are missing the following essential ingredients:

  • A drive centered around business agility with a focus on how to select work so as to be able to deliver quickly
  • The use of Kanban at the team level when needed (cross-functional teams and iterations are not always possible or even desirable)
  • Guidance on what to do when prescribed practices won’t work well
  • Agreements on how to work together other than “follow the prescribed adoption”

Net Objectives has been providing each of these missing pieces for several years.

This webinar discusses how to take lessons present in SAFe, LeSS and Nexus, along with these missing pieces and apply them to your organization. This enables an organization to use the practices that fit for them while being sufficient to get started and not plateauing after initial success.

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Mar. 22, 2018 12:00pm PDT
Cost: Free
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Net Objectives
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