Why Agile Coaches Need to Know Both Scrum and Kanban

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There is a lot of discussion of which is better. But Scrum and Kanban both bring something different to the table. Each, however, has a different learning approach to manifesting improvements. It's therefore worth knowing how both of them are partial manifestations of Lean. Understanding this enables the coach to best fit the culture of her team as well as taking what works best for her team from Scrum and Kanban. This webinar will also discuss the diagram below to help guide how to pick a starting point for your teams.

This webinar is based on a chapter in Al Shalloway's new book (in progress) Lean-Agile at the Team: A Lean Approach to Scrum and Kanban.

All subsequent webinars are based on chapters in Al Shalloway's new book (in progress) Simplifying SAFe® With FLEX: An Enhanced Approach to Achieving Business Agility

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Jan. 21, 2019 12:00pm to 1:00pm PST
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