Agile Architecture: The Why, the What and the How

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Never has architecture been more important than now. With the Agile movement gaining steam with new methods such as Kanban, Architecture seems to have been left behind. True, Scrum has finally recognized that a framework ignoring technical methods is risky, and SAFeTM started out acknowledging the need for test-first and code quality. But Architecture still seems to get second shrift compared to other Agile topics.

This webinar discusses why Agile architecture is so important. It then discusses what Agile architecture needs to accomplish and provides some methods in how to achieve this. This webinar will touch on the why, what and how as summarized here:

Why. Architecture, whether Agile or otherwise, needs to provide the following:

  • A vision
  • Enable extensions to the system
  • Enable new ways of implementing existing concepts
  • Foster testability throughout the system
  • De-couple systems from the application
  • Facilitate reuse of common functions across teams

How. To build Agile architectures, one must be able to:

  • Do Emergent design
  • Do Testing at the behavior and functional level
  • Understand the different perspectives of conceptual Vs specification; creation from using; and system architecture from application architecture

What. Agile architectures will then enable us to:

  • Inject new concepts with little to no rework
  • Add new implementations of existing concepts with only minimally affecting the existing system
  • Change the system with little risk of introducing errors and full confidence that if you do you will detect them

Come for an informative session. It will leave you with insights and new ways to approach your challenges.


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Jul. 18, 2013 4:00pm to 5:00pm PDT
Cost: Free
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