Taking 'Agile at Scale' to the Next Level: Improving Your SAFe® or Other Large Scale Adoption

There is little question that SAFe® provides value to large organizations. On closer inspection, however, the gains vary from minimal to dramatic. This variance is often attributed to how well the organizations adopting it follow SAFe’s guidelines. But it is often easier to say “adopt SAFe,” than to do it.  This, of course, could be said for the other large scale frameworks out there -LeSS, DAD, and Nexus.  Although this course is designed for anyone attempting a large scale implementation, it is primarily designed for those practitioners familiar with SAFe®.

Net Objectives is not only a contributor to SAFe, but many of SAFe’s practices are based on concepts we’ve pioneered.  We bring over a decade of experience in Agile at both Scale and Mid-Scale to our SAFe implementations.  This "course description" explains both why a "one-size fits all" implementation of SAFe can be risky and what must be attended to in order to avoid that.

Note: This course is neither authorized by Scaled Agile Inc., nor provides any certification related to SAFe

This course extends the standard Leading SAFe® course with the following topics:

  • Introducing Systems Thinking for Agile at scale
  • Business-Value driven software development: The use of Minimal Business Increments and Lean-Startup concepts in SAFe
  • Using Kanban to incorporate shared services and DevOps into SAFe
  • Creating teams when it does not seem possible to do so
  • Going beyond practices to achieve outcomes
  • The Enterprise Portfolio: Sequencing work across portfolios and when you should start with this
  • When not to use SAFe
  • Why you should transition to SAFe instead of just implementing it

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Public Training Course
Nov. 29, 2016 11:30am to 8:00pm PST
Cost: Registration Past
Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union
925 Westlake Avenue North

Seattle WA 98109 US
Questions or problems with registration or directions? Contact Mike Shalloway for assistance.
Presented By:
Net Objectives
PDUs: 7 PDUs Category B

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