One-Day Event With Al Shalloway

This event is a one-day introduction to Al Shalloway who has recently moved to Carlsbad.  The agenda is designed so that people more interested in process can attend the morning sessions while those more interested in technical Agile can attend the afternoon ones.  But everyone is invited to both. 

 8:30am  9:00am Breakfast
 9:00am  9:25am Introductions
 9:25am 10:40am Business Driven Software Development. The goal is value realized quickly, predictably,sustainably and with high quality.  When combined with quality technical practices adjustments can be made on an almost continuous basis to ensure building the items of greatest value.
10:40am 10:50am Break
10:50am 12:15pm Agile at the Mid-Scale. When organizations are in the 50-300 size there are more effective methods than Scrum-of-Scrums or large scale frameworks.  This talk will discuss several case studies that illustrate key lean concepts.
12:15pm 1:00pm Lunch. Burnt Truck food truck will be there.  Buy your own.  Or can go to local restaurants.
1:00pm  2:15pm Avoiding Over and Under Design. While big design up-front is a bad thing in the Agile space, no design up front has a different set of challenges.   This talk shows how to use the thought process of design patterns to achieve the right balance required for emergent design.
 2:15pm  2:35pm Break
 2:35pm  3:55pm Design Patterns Thinking and Agile Architecture at Scale.  Design patterns can be more than "solutions to a recurring problem in a context." This talk discusses the true nature of patterns and how they can help with emergent architectures.
 3:55pm  4:25pm Wrap up


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Free Event
Nov. 1, 2017 11:30am PDT
Cost: Free
9701 Jeronimo
Irvine CA 92618 US
Questions or problems with registration or directions? Contact Mike Shalloway for assistance.
Presented By:
Net Objectives

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