Q&A: Essential Skills for the Agile Developer

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Many developers have been suddenly thrown into developing code in stages whereas they used to be able to do bigger designs up front. Many people tell them to do test-driven development and emergent design while ignoring the fact that their work with legacy systems may prevent such actions. In any event, new methods require new skills – skills they don’t have time to get. At first it may appear that the required developer skill set for this new way of writing code is huge and daunting. Fortunately, it isn’t. One of the things we’ve learned at Net Objectives is that there are often a few simple things one can do that make a huge difference. We like to have people start with these trim tabs. We refer to these as trim tabs since they are small things that make a big difference. This webinar introduced some trim tabs for the new agile developer.

The lessons learned are taken from Net Objectives' book Essential Skills for the Agile Developer.

We are currently building on on-line course on Essential Skills for the Agile Developer.

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Apr. 11, 2016 12:00pm PDT
Cost: Free
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Net Objectives
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