Hey You..it's all about the Queue

Guy Beaver will lead “The Dot Game” which is a fun, dynamic simulation that teaches Flow, Pull, Lead Time, Throughput, and in-place QA all in the context of software delivery.

“The Dot Game” The best way to get something done is to start it, right?Well maybe, unless this “starting” mindset competes with the capacity to “finish” something.

Come learn about how Queueing Theory guides us to take on a “finish something first” mindset and understand how managing queues is the best way to apply Lean Principles to your organization’s work flow.  You’ll understand the concept of Value Stream, and how Lean-Agile steers us to look at the flow of work through the whole organization, as opposed to optimizing separately the different areas of our software development process.

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Free Event
Nov. 29, 2016 9:00pm EST
Cost: Free
Impact Makers, Inc.
1707 Summit Ave

Richmond VA 23230 US
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Net Objectives
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