Filling in the Scaled Agile Framework

Frameworks are great, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeTM), created by Dean Leffingwell, provides a great context for Agile at scale.  One still needs to fill in frameworks with proven, established ideas. This webinar presents some of the basic principles of Lean that have guided the creation of proven methods that have worked at several large organizations (300-4000 person development organizations).

It continues by presenting 4 case studies that illustrate these principles in action

  1. The value of cross-functional teams and how Lean-Flow can help you create them
  2. Coordinating multiple teams with a common backlog
  3. Creating a hybrid method based on Lean-Flow to solve integration problems
  4. Handling multiple business stakeholders and multiple teams – the need for the business product owner

The methods described in this webinar can help organizations that have successfully spun up teams only to find them languishing at the enterprise level.  It can also provide guidance for large organizations about to transition to Agile.

See Net Objectives' Scaled Agile Framework to learn more about SAFeTM.

Note: This is a stand-alone webinar, but if you find this of interest, you will almost certainly find our new webinar series Lean/Agile at Scale and the Team: The Value Stream Series also of value.

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May. 7, 2012 7:00pm to 8:00pm PDT
Cost: Free
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Net Objectives
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